The Basics of Master Germ & Odor Removal

Published Dec 06, 21
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Things to Love About Master Germ & Odor Removal

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I thank you for creating such an extensive resource. You have done a great deal of work, and I truly appreciate it (how to get rid of burnt smell). I have a smell issue in the home I'm leasing and the property owner's upkeep guy and me are so far unable to identify it. I am desperately hoping that you can assist us determine what it may be prior to I need to vacate.

Master Germ & Odor Removal Info

It is just in the living-room and dining/kitchen locations, which are linked and in the middle of the system (which is an upper level with an attic above and another resident below). how to get rid of burnt smell.- At other times I smell a slightly garbagy/trashy smell which is most strong in the rear stairwell which leads from the dining/kitchen area to the garage - smoke removal.

Master Germ & Odor Removal Guide To Spare Our Clients Some Dilemmas

Are all your products genuinely non-toxic AND neutralize viruses and bacteria and odors?

Yes, we are 100% non-toxic, non-staining, no mess, no coverups or perfumes, no ozone. We have the best chemistry and application teams in the country, leaving behind sterile airspace and no more nicotine tobacco and marijuana smells.

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely we guarantee our work. As long as the odor source is removed (i.e. no more smoking in the house, etc.) our odor removal results are permanent and we'll retreat the property for free if the odor persists. For our Germ Shield Service, we retest surfaces before reapplication the following quarter. We guarantee all your surface contamination numbers will be 100 or below, the best in the industry. Note on our reports here that ATP (bacterial and microbial levels) tests keep getting better with subsequent treatments, with ATP levels typically under 30 RLUs (Food Safe) and under 10 RLUs (Surgically Safe).

How long does odor removal typically take to be complete and the home ready to be occupied? How about Germ Shield Disinfection Service?

Odor Removal typically occurs overnight. We'll get started in the evening and be done around noon the following day,. Germ Shield Service, our disinfecting service.

Master Germ & Odor Removal

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My old location never had this smell and I did not generate any brand-new furnishings aside from a brand-new mattress to this house. The mattress smells fine. And the bed room does not have this odor and I do not have allergy signs in the bedroom.- The ceiling of the extra bed room has a brown circular ring on it about the size of a basketball, as if something might have dripped, and a rectanglular line on the ceiling which appears like it was cut into at one time and re-drywalled.- The upkeep male has actually remained in the attic and inspected it.

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